The Hum

Wisconsin town plagued by mysterious booming noises

CLINTONVILLE, Wis. – Bemused curiosity is turning into worry and aggravation for families in a small Wisconsin town longing for peace and quiet after three nights of mysterious booming noises that have sent some residents into the streets — sometimes still in their pajamas.

The strange disturbance sounds like distant thunder, fireworks or someone slamming a heavy door. At first, many people were amused. But after a third restless night Tuesday into Wednesday, exasperation is mounting. And some folks are considering leaving town until investigators determine the source of the racket.

“My husband thought it was cool, but I don’t think so. This is not a joke,” said Jolene Van Beek, who awoke early Sunday to a loud boom that shook her house. “I don’t know what it is, but I just want it to stop.”

The booming in Clintonville continued Monday and Tuesday nights and into Wednesday morning, eventually prompting Van Beek to take her three sons to her father’s home, 10 minutes away, so they could get some uninterrupted sleep.

There have been no reports of injury, despite some residents saying they could feel the ground roll beneath their feet.

City officials say they have investigated every possible human cause. They checked water, sewer and gas lines, contacted the military about any exercises in the area, reviewed permits for mining explosives and inspected a dam next to City Hall. They even tested methane levels at the landfill in case the gas was spontaneously exploding.

“People in the area are certainly frustrated,” City Administrator Lisa Kuss said.

The city is also investigating geological causes. Officials plan to bring in vibration-detection devices to try to determine the epicenter of any underground activity.

Authorities set up audio and video equipment overnight but didn’t capture any evidence of shaking or booming despite at least one loud noise about 5 a.m. Wednesday, Kuss said.

About 300 people attended a public meeting Wednesday night in a local high school auditorium to get an update on the situation. Kuss assured residents that officials are doing everything they can to determine the source of the booming.

Sharon Binger said the disturbance has left cracks in her basement walls and floor, and that they’re getting worse. She said her insurance company won’t pay for the damage until she knows what caused it.

“This is an issue,” she said, demanding answers from officials at the meeting. “There is something else going on.”

Kuss urged Binger to write down when the cracks occurred and promised to send officials to the woman’s home to look over the damage.

Debby Ernst has not heard the sound or felt the tremors but said she is still considering going elsewhere until the mystery is solved.

“It worries me. I’m scared,” Ernst, a gas station cashier, said in a phone interview. “Who’s to say it ain’t going to get worse?”

However, a local scientist said nothing has surfaced that suggests townspeople should be afraid.

Steve Dutch, a geologist at the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay, said the ground beneath them is solid, and that there are no known earthquake fault lines in the area.

Dutch said he heard some people worrying that a sinkhole might open up and swallow homes. That can happen in areas where the ground is rich with limestone and other rocks that can be dissolved by water, he said. But the rock below Clintonville is mainly solid granite that’s largely impermeable.

However, he speculated that water and granite could hold the key to the mystery. Granite has small cracks that water can fill, but if the underground water table falls especially low, water can seep out, leaving gaps that cause the rocks to settle and generate loud noises.

“Maybe the very dry winter caused more water to be removed from the water table, either through pumping or natural flow,” he said.

A seismic station near Clintonville, a town of about 4,600 people about 40 miles west of Green Bay, has recorded unusual ground shaking since Sunday night. Scientists say such activity can be caused by mining and heavy truck traffic, but since there are no mines or major construction in the area, the Wisconsin Geological and Natural History Survey will take a closer look at the data.

Some residents are having fun with the mystery, which has drawn media attention from around the nation.

Jordan Pfeiler said people stayed up late on the first two nights to walk around listening for booms. They came up with outlandish theories to explain the noise — for example, that the White House was building an underground bunker in the area or that mole men had found a home there.

“And the aliens, of course, there’s always the aliens,” she said.

Van Beek understands the temptation to crack jokes, but it’s no laughing matter to her.

“Everything people think it is has been ruled out. They just don’t have answers,” she said. “At this point all I want is for it to stop.”

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The Hum Phenomenon

A strange phenomenon has been affecting a small group of people throughout the world. It’s a localized, persistent low frequency hum that has been a nuisance to residents everywhere from North America, Europe and Oceania.

Commonly known as “The Hum”, it is sometimes referred to in terms of where it is located, such as the Taos Hum, Bondi Hum or the Bristol Hum.

Not everybody can hear it, but the “hearers” remarkably describe the hum in the same way. It appears to resonate at the 56 Hz frequency range. It doesn’t have a natural sound and by most accounts, the hum is reminiscent of a diesel engine running in the distance. The hearers claim that the sound intensifies if you’re indoors and the vibrations can be felt through the skin. To make matters worse, the continuous hum has caused the hearers to suffer from loss of sleep, dizziness, anxiety, irritability and in one circumstance, suicide.

Although the hum is difficult to capture on audio, some of these mysterious hums have been identified. The hum on the Big Island of Hawaii is caused by volcanic activity. The hum in Kokomo, Indiana was traced to a DaimlerChrysler cooling tower fan emitting a 36 Hz tone and a Haynes International airport air compressor intake emitting a 10 Hz tone. But the other handful of word wide hums remains a mystery.

In 1993, the hearers of Taos, New Mexico petitioned Congress to investigate this unusual and most famous of hums. Their strongest theory was that the hum was artificially created by a United States Navy communication systems using ELF (Extremely Low Frequency) to communicate with submarines. In 1997, Congress directed a number of scientists from various respectable research institutes to look into this matter. Efforts to locate the cause of the hum were met with negative results.

There are a number of theories that have surfaced as to the origins of this hum.

Tinnitus has been ruled out simple due to the number of people who no longer hear the hum when they leave the localized area. Some individuals who have tinnitus and also hear the hum state the two sounds are qualitatively different.

Physics World, a monthly academic journal, attributed the Hum in Auckland, NZ as a result of the wind interacting with sand dunes.

Professor Rod Cross, Sydney University’s Dept of Physics, believes the hum may be from Earths hot interior gases and liquids making its way through cracks and cavities causing a pipe organ like effect.

Others claim the hum is due to the ever increasing amount of transmitters and electronic media that may be only be heard (or felt) by individuals with extremely sensitive hearing.

Other theories exist, some of which border on the extreme of possibilities.

The Toas Hum was aired on the television show Unsolved Mysteries and there is a mention of the Hum on the paranormal series The X-Files.

By: Jim H

‘The Hum’ leaves village ears ringing

Despairing residents in a remote Kerry parish have told how their lives have been made a living hell by a mystery humming noise that is disrupting their sleep and causing chaos every day.

They are pleading with the Government to investigate the source of the constant, pulsating, low-frequency noise that cannot be traced despite repeated efforts.

Frustrated locals in a rural part of Beaufort, 15km from Killarney, have been hearing the bizarre noise since early last year but cannot find what is causing it.

Resident Barry Lynch said: “The first time we heard it was in Apr 2011 and it has been there 24/7 since then. We are nearly gone out of our minds because we can’t get a decent night of sleep and it’s there all day, every day.

“There are no mobile phone masts, windmills or generators in the area and the ESB has assured us that the problem is not due to any high-tension wires in the area.

“We thought the noise might be coming from water pumps installed in the area by Kerry County Council but an engineer switched the pumps off for a trial period and the noise was still there.”

He said that neighbours over a 7km radius have also complained about the sound.

“One neighbour went to the doctor because he thought he was having a problem with his hearing. It is placing a huge strain on my own partner who can’t sleep at night, even when she wears earplugs.”

Mr Lynch said the noise was even more noticeable inside his home and despite extensive insulation, the whole building appears to vibrate, particularly in the stillness of night.

“The whole thing is very unpleasant and it is really bothering us. We don’t know what we can do. We are pleading with the Department of the Environment or some other organisation to help us before we are driven out of our homes,” said Mr Lynch.

“Not everybody in the parish has heard the noise but just because they can’t hear it doesn’t mean it isn’t there. Our neighbours and ourselves can hear it the minute we step out of our cars and it’s there all the time until we drive off again.”

He said he had found out a similar mystery noise had been reported in many parts of the world.

It has become known as “The Hum” and is described in some reports as a worldwide phenomenon involving a mysterious, persistent and invasive low-frequency humming noise.

Complaints have been received from residents in several locations around the globe, including England, New Mexico, and New Zealand.

“It’s absolutely wearing us down and we are crying out for a good night’s sleep before our health starts to give,” said Mr Lynch.

By: John O’Mahony, Killarney

Strange Sounds – Lafayette, Indiana, USA

Here is a video of strange sounds heard in Lafayette, Indiana, USA. The video was uploaded on the 28th of February and appears to be consistent with many of sounds being recorded around the world. The uploader also notes that there are not Air Force bases near where the recording was taken that could have been responsible for the noise.



FIRST the village of Woodland was hit by the mysterious buzzing noise known as ‘The Hum’.

And now neighbours living in a quiet street in Barnard Castle say they are the phenomenon’s latest victims.

Families living in Churchill Road say have been suffering from sleepless nights for weeks because of the buzzing sound.

They have failed to trace its source and experts have so far also been at a loss to explain it.

Resident David Fishwick, a retired police officer, said the noise is driving him and his neighbours mad.

He said: “You can be in bed for ten minutes and it starts. Sometimes it’s quiet, sometimes it’s loud but you just can’t put your finger on where it’s coming from and it’s happening every night.

“It’s the strangest thing. We’ve just put up with it but then we’ve been speaking to neighbours and they’ve said they have heard it too – and it’s been getting louder.”

Last year, residents in the village of Woodland, just a few miles up the road, became the focus of global media attention after they reported hearing the throbbing sound. After months of misery, it disappeared as quickly as it arrived – but it now appears to be Barnard Castle’s turn.

At first, the troubled residents of Churchill Road thought the hum was coming from their neighbour’s washing machines or noisy heating systems. But after talking to one another, this theory was dismissed.

Electricity provider Northern Powergrid sent out an engineer to investigate a nearby sub-station but found no noise coming from the site.

‘The Hum’ phenomenon has been reported since the 1970s and is thought to crop up across the globe every five years or so.

Mr Fishwick said: “I don’t sleep, I was up at 6 o’clock this morning with it. It’s a nightmare to be honest.

“If I could win the lottery I’d move. The Woodland noise just stopped and I hope this will do the same.”

Town councillor Newton Wood said: “Everyone is hearing this buzzing noise and it’s keeping the street up.”

Cllr Wood who alerted the Teesdale Mercury to the problem said he did so because it was the only way of getting action from Durham County Council.

The council has now said it will look into the noise.


SOUND of HAARP WEAPON IN ACTION !!! SCARY Lights & Noise!! 2011

SOUND of HAARP WEAPON IN ACTION !!! SCARY Lights & Noise!! 2011

Renowned Geophysicist Says Strange Sky Sounds Are Real

Dr. Elchin Khalilov, a geophysicist and a professor inAzerbaijan [map], has been conducting research into the recent wave of strange sky sounds.

Dr. Khalilov refers to the phenomena as “sky hum.” As a geophysicist, he has become intrigued by the numerous reports and recording of the sky sounds. While others in the research community might be inclined to dismiss the whole thing as nonsense, Dr. Khalilov has been working with other researchers to explain what might be causing it.

In a recent article at GeoChange Journal (, Dr. Khalilov responded to some questions about the sky hum phenomena.


“We have analyzed records of these sounds and found that most of their spectrum lies within the infrasound range, i.e. is not audible to humans. What people hear is only a small fraction of the actual power of these sounds. They are low-frequency acoustic emissions in the range between 20 and 100 Hz modulated by ultra-low infrasonic waves from 0.1 to 15 Hz. In geophysics, they are called acoustic-gravity waves; they are formed in the upper atmosphere, at the atmosphere-ionosphere boundary in particular. There can be quite a lot of causes why those waves are generated: earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, hurricanes, storms, tsunamis, etc. However, the scale of the observed humming sound in terms of both the area covered and its power far exceeds those that can be generated by the above-mentioned phenomena.”


“In our opinion, the source of such powerful and immense manifestation of acoustic-gravity waves must be very large-scale energy processes. These processes include powerful solar flares and huge energy flows generated by them, rushing towards Earth’s surface and destabilizing the magnetosphere, ionosphere and upper atmosphere. Thus, the effects of powerful solar flares: the impact of shock waves in the solar wind, streams of corpuscles and bursts of electromagnetic radiation are the main causes of generation of acoustic-gravitation waves following increased solar activity.

“Given the surge in solar activity as manifested itself in the higher number and energy of solar flares since mid-2011, we can assume that there is a high probability of impact of the substantial increase in solar activity on the generation of the unusual humming coming from the sky. It should be pointed out that solar activity began to rise sharply since early 2011, with its amplitude significantly higher than all forecasts given by a number of influential scientific institutions in 2010 and 2011. Meanwhile, the observed increase in solar activity is fully consistent with the forecast of the International Committee GEOCHANGE published in the Committee’s Report in June 2010. If this growth rate of solar activity continues, its amplitude by the end of 2012 will be higher than the amplitude of 23rd solar cycle, and in 2013-2014 the solar activity will reach its peak the amplitude of which was predicted by us to be 1.5 – 1.7 times higher than the amplitude of the 23rd cycle.”


“There is one more possible cause of these sounds and it may lie at the Earth’s core. The fact is that the acceleration of the drift of the Earth’s north magnetic pole which increased more than fivefold between 1998 and 2003 and is at the same level today points to intensification of energy processes in the Earth’s core, since it is processes in the inner and outer core that form the Earth’s geomagnetic field. Meanwhile, as we have already reported, on November 15, 2011 all ATROPATENA geophysical stations which record three-dimensional variations of the Earth’s gravitational field almost simultaneously registered a powerful gravitational impulse. The stations are deployed in Istanbul, Kiev, Baku, Islamabad and Yogyakarta, with the first and last one being separated by a distance of about 10,000 km. Such a phenomenon is only possible if the source of this emanation is at the Earth’s core level. That huge energy release from the Earth’s core at the end of the last year was some kind of a start signal indicating the transition of the Earth’s internal energy into a new active phase.

“Intensification of the energy processes in the Earth’s core can modulate the geomagnetic field which, through a chain of physical processes at the ionosphere – atmosphere boundary level, generates acoustic-gravity waves the audible range of which has been heard by people in the form of a frightening low-frequency sound in different parts of our planet.
“In both cases, even though the causes of acoustic-gravity waves are of a quite understandable geophysical nature, they are indicative of the expected significant increase in solar activity and the geodynamic activity of our planet. There is no doubt that processes in the core rule the internal energy of our planet, therefore, we should expect by the end of 2012 a sharp rise in strong earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, tsunamis and extreme weather events with peak levels in 2013 – 2014.”


Mysterious ‘hum’ returns to plague residents of Windsor, Ontario

WINDSOR, Ont. — After an “intense,” unsettling weekend, Windsor residents plagued by a loud and mysterious hum are asking the federal government to take action.

“It’s time for the federal government to step up and initiate correspondence with the U.S.,” said David Robins, a partner at the Sutts, Strosberg law firm.

Robins said this weekend he “could feel vibrations through the house.”

Windsor Coun. Al Maghnieh said he was flooded with complaints Sunday morning of an intensifying hum.

“We have picture frames on the wall and they were shaking last night,” Sonya Skillings, a mother of two, told The Windsor Star Sunday. “It’s never been that bad where we actually had things move on the walls.”

Skillings said her 15-month-old was kept awake all night.

“This disruption interrupts so much with sleep patterns, it’s unreal,” she said. “Especially with a baby. There’s just no peace and quiet.”

Skillings has lived in her Poplar Avenue home for 10 years.

“It’s never been like this.”

An investigation by Natural Resource Canada pinpointed the noise to the Michigan industrial area of Zug Island, Maghnieh said.

“I’m calling on the federal government to finish what they started — getting to the bottom of what this noise is,” Maghnieh said.

“I am extremely frustrated with how this whole process has been. We had a lot of attention from the government last fall and now all of a sudden the Ontario Ministry of Environment seems to be washing their hands of it and Natural Resources Canada is just ignoring everybody. The folks in River Rouge (the municipality that includes Zug Island), all they do is cry poor and say they can’t afford any investigative work. Meanwhile, residents are suffering from this noise.”

As of last fall the provincial environment ministry fielded about 400 complaints about the rumbling since March 2011.

Robins said he’s been approached by fellow residents tired of the “annoying noise” asking him to help start a lawsuit.

“Until we can identify the exact cause, it’s very tough to try and think of any legal action,” he said.

“Bottom line is nobody wants to lose their job and companies don’t want to lose profit. It’s the usual story, which is the all mighty dollar will trump over environmental concerns. They’re not thinking about Canadians.”

Maghnieh said he is “demanding action now,” from senior levels of government.

“What needs to be done is the federal government needs to get back down here, finish this report, finish this investigation, establish the source and start working the cross-border channels. Even though this is covered from the States, the federal government still has the jurisdiction to reach out to their American counterparts and to continue the investigation to put pressure on the city of River Rouge and to start the process of investigation on that side as well.”

Maghnieh said River Rouge ignored city council’s resolution calling on it to help Windsor.

“It’s very evident they’re not in a hurry to help us.”

By: Kristie Pearce

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